Architectural Maturity Assessment

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Our client faced a number of challenges relating to architecture delivery, including a lack of consistency in architecture approaches or to building architectures, no explicit alignment of architecture to business strategy, alignment and definition of how architecture should be used in programmes and projects were not clear, no view of dependencies between applications and data repositories. An independent review was required in order to identify opportunities for improvement.



Using our proprietary Architecture Maturity Assessment toolkit, Peru undertook a “light” review of the architecture function, including:

Building a stakeholder map

Review of the current architecture operating model, governance structures and approaches to architecture

Structured interviews to provide a 360 degree view of current ways of working and maturity levels


The review recommended a number of timebound, prioritised next steps:

  • Improvements to the governance framework and its operation/efficiency
  • Definition of core architecture artifacts and improvements in programme/project engagement processes
  • Enhancements to delivery effectiveness including the development of Enterprise Architecture Principles and a communication plan
  • Revision of organisational structure, roles and responsibilities and skills analysis
  • Improvements to stakeholder engagement
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Reaching target maturity level

Identification of clear, actionable steps enabling the architecture function to reach its target maturity level

Resetting the team's responsibilities, objectives and ways of working in order to demonstrate value of architecture

Identification of architectural and technical debt exposure

Move from informing to influencing business decisions and programme investment priorities

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