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Architecture Governance


Our client faced several challenges relating to architecture governance, including:

a lack of formality and no consequences for non-adherence to governance processes;

architecture governance working in isolation with no clear relationship with project and other governance bodies;

lack of clarity on board purposes, processes and engagement routes;

insufficient focus on business strategy and supporting strategic architecture; and

isolated from the needs of the business with inadequate business representation at board meetings.

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Developed new governance framework including clear articulation of relationship with other governance boards, processes and functions.

Re-engineered Terms of Reference for architecture boards clarifying purpose, objectives, scope, inputs and outputs.

Revised board membership with clear roles and  responsibilities for all members.

Developed board input, output and administration templates.

Implemented mechanisms for recording and tracking actions, decisions and escalations.

Developed Secretariat roles, responsibilities and operational processes.

Operationalised all governance meetings, coaching chairs and secretariat staff in enacting high quality assurance and governance practices.

Communication of changes to all internal stakeholders.


Governance established

  • Governance is professional, constructive and provides strong architectural leadership.
  • Improved connectivity with other governance boards and related functions.
  • Architecture gates mapped/aligned to Demand and Change delivery processes.
  • Appropriate business, IT and Security representation and engagement at board meetings.
  • Board members empowered to make/agree decisions and ensure they are tracked.
  • Architecture working groups enhance development and approval of architecture artefacts.
  • Timely, well-communicated escalations and decisions
  • High quality governance manages architecture assurance risks proactively and effectively and provides robust audit trails.
  • Dedicated Secretariat function ensures smooth coordination and operation.
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Strategically aligned, rapid decision making

Significant improvements to the end-to-end operation of Architecture governance.

Improved perception and an increase in the value delivered by the function.

Greater emphasis on strategic alignment in addition to change delivery.

Faster, clearer decision making and recording.

Enhanced risk management and auditability.

Increased visibility of technical debt.

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