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Architecture Maturity Assessment

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The Service Delivery & Infrastructure Group for the International business units were not deriving any value from their architecture function and they felt this was holding them back in their ability to develop stable services to the organisation.



Maturity Assessment

Peru recommended their proprietary Architecture maturity assessment toolkit which looked at 8 key aspects of an effective architecture for an organisation.

This assessment looked at 8 key dimensions of value underpinned by strong governance: Business Alignment, Process, Stakeholder Engagement, Skills & Competencies, Delivery Effectiveness, Perception, Impact on Investment Decisions, Flexibility & Innovation


Actionable next steps

  • After a number of interviews with architects, operations, CIOs, business leadership Peru provided:
    • Maturity assessment and goal-based remediation action plan
    • Capability assessment of existing skills within the team and gap analysis
    • Target Operating Model options and ways of working recommendations
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Articulation of worth

Peru’s contribution allowed the SD&I architecture team to build new fit for purpose organisational structure, clarity on roles and responsibilities of architects, alignment of architecture assurance to project assurance processes and improved stakeholder engagement and understanding of architecture.

Maturity assessment and goal based remediation action plan

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