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Our client has a government mandate to improve healthcare through data insight & digital innovation and was responsible for collecting patient health & social care data, for both national regulatory compliance obligations & healthcare research.

The estate was hugely federated and autonomous, so that the overall source environment contained a massive number of individual localised data sources, specifications, information governance controls, data processing & integration techniques & technologies.  In addition, the central collection environment presented high degrees of duplication across the system, exhibiting limited reuse of data in digital channels or healthcare research analytics.

Consequently traceability of data was limited & the collection of data nationally demanded significant manual involvement from thousands of sources to capture, reconcile and update the data.

The client required an approach that would simplify the architecture locally, regionally & nationally, enable automation of data collections, reuse of data and transform the data processing landscape.

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A key element of the approach was to drive different way of thinking with key stakeholders including:

Data Standards – revisiting purpose & usage to inform re-usable data specifications & API definitions

Data Architecture – adopteding a harvest & link approach through Machine Learning to support automated data linkage for research etc

Partner management – driving highly preferable commercial arrangements, including a long term pro-bono agreement

Programme assurance approach – agile approach with timebox revalidation and verification using Proof of Concepts


Achieved consistently improved levels of data quality

  • Proved tooling & Machine Learning Semantic automation approaches for data linkage, rationalisation & patient journey lineage in PoCs
  • Data Transformation Strategy approved by national NHS Enterprise board to secure business case funding
  • Transformed directorate data operations allowing customers to collaborate on their for their own metadata starting a national linked heath & social care catalogue/API content framework
  • Catalogued the business’ data assets improving Data Quality and highlighting valuable new data linkage synergies
  • Data quality & data security issues identified through testing of transformation method
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Identified improved processes to drive data maturity

Primary business capabilities initiated - patient journey tracing for key datasets highlighting new data synergies

Enabled potential cost reduction of data lifecycle through standardisation & rationalisation

Enhanced regulatory data governance

Improved business / healthcare insights

Enhanced ability of organisation to respond more rapidly & proactively

Drove greater collaboration across whole ecosystem transforming data

Developed national models (flows) exemplars for local & regional collaboration


"Peru helped to significantly increase the value of Data Architecture to NHSD during their engagement."

​Nicholas Oughtibridge - Head of Clinical Data Architecture, NHS Digital

Steve Warren

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