Operational Resilience

Disaster Recovery


Our client, a global manufacturing company, has annual revenues in excess of $25B and operates in more than 100 countries with over 130,000 employees.

Disaster Recovery had varying levels of maturity across the enterprise.

The new CIO identified this topic as an essential focus area to reduce business risk.



Established an overall Group-wide Disaster Recovery (DR) Policy which applied to the central IS function as well as the in-country IS teams.

Designed and implemented solutions to make Mission Critical Applications safe from Disaster Scenarios including Critical Infrastructure and Network Services

Built Disaster Recovery into the DNA of IT and the Business so that DR plans are implemented as part of the new solutions and are regularly war gamed and tested.


Successful Disaster Recovery implementations and tests carried out

  • Over 80 Business Critical Applications identified out of over 5000 across the enterprise using a templated Business Impact Assessment process
  • Over 1000 stakeholders engaged across the organisation
  • Engagement with business and technology teams in 29 countries
  • DR solutions for over 80 Business Critical Applications in Strategic Hosting Locations, Remote Locations and The Cloud
  • Training rolled out to 3000 business and IT people
  • Operational processes written to underpin policy
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Reducing business risk

Business risk identified and reduced

Business better prepared for Disaster

Audit actions addressed

Standard, transparent and auditable execution

Reduced cost ‘factory’ approach to Disaster Recovery implementation

Sustainable Disaster Recovery capability implemented

Improved awareness and capability across the organisation


“Peru Consulting has led a two year program, on behalf of ABB which has materially improved our Disaster Recovery capability and significantly reduced our risk profile. The Peru team always works proactively on behalf of the client and I recommend Peru for the delivery of similar large and complex technology change programs”

Alec Joannou, Group CIO, ABB

Ian Robinson

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