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Our client has been successfully working with a bespoke ERP system for many years but with an expected 10-fold increase in user base and support required for future growth of the business, it was unknown whether the system would be scalable and continue to be fit for purpose.

Failure of the ERP system would impact business operations and lead to substantial financial penalties and so it was essential to assess the suitability of the system.

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Using quantitative and qualitative methods our Consultants carried out a structured assessment of the ERP system.

Five critical areas were assessed including:
- Strategy & resilience
- Technical Assurance
- Project Assurance
- Design Assurance
- Supplier & support Assurance

We undertook a thorough risk and issue review, consolidated and analysed results, and developed a set of recommendations and action plan.


Comprehensive management report delivered

  • Comprehensive management report clearly outlining:
    • Categorised recommendations
    • Risks and issues that need to be addressed.
  • Planning workshop for the joint team to ensure findings are clearly articulated, action owners have been appointed, and next steps have been agreed​
  • Roadmap of actions to assure the system can manage the expected volume increase
  • Identified owners within the business to own the risks and ensure action is taken
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Reducing business risk

Clarity of risks with ownership to enable avoidance of cost of unavailability of the ERP system

Avoidance of cost to procure and transition to a different, non-bespoke ERP system

Tighter commercial agreements with supporting SLAs

Enable the client to continue to use the custom made systems with excellent service from the service provider

Confidence that business can continue to grow without impact to daily operations


"The Peru team were delivery focussed from the very start. The value was in sharing hands-on experience around how we could mitigate the risks based on your past experiences. That was truly invaluable - it was talking to a surgeon(practical application) rather than a college professor(theoretical application)"

Pratibha Kini, IT Transformation Director

Ian Robinson

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