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IT Outsource Transition


Our client, in the automotive manufacturing sector, had signed a 1st generation IT outsourcing contract with an offshore provider, which needed to be delivered within a 6-month timescale and required the transfer of knowledge to a 60:40 offshore: onshore delivery team.

The scope covered the full IT Service Delivery Portfolio: Service Desk, End User Computing, Networks, Hosting and 600 applications, resourcing for over 200 projects and novation and transfer of service for over 20 third party contracts, supporting over 20,000 staff and 3 major manufacturing plants.



Leading the Transition, key aspects of the approach adopted by Peru included:

Adopting a two phase transition, first transferring management control of the service and then each of the technology delivery towers

Implementing a rigorous acceptance process, to ensure early identification and mitigation of transition risks

Engaging the retained organisation, to ensure it was actively involved in the transition process

Collaboratively working with the onshore and offshore team, understanding and leveraging their strengths whilst working to address supplier shortcomings


A smooth transition delivered

  • Transition completed to schedule, including successful knowledge transfer from over 200 staff
  • Migration from a resource to service delivery based model
  • Implementation of effective Service Management and Integration
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Reduced risk and cost of change

Commercial, operational and technical risks mitigated through rigorous Transition planning and Execution

Reduced cost of change

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