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IT Quality Assurance Function Review


The IT Quality Assurance function of the European arm of our client, a global insurance firm, was operating with different processes, standards and tools across the different countries in the portfolio.

This meant difficulty in centrally administering and sharing best practices and, consequently, little collaboration across the teams was possible. Improvement opportunities, including a transition to ‘Agile’ working, were known by the leadership but could not be easily implemented.

Liberty Insurance engaged Peru Consulting to undertake a full review of the QA function, recommend improvements and develop implementation plans to achieve them



The first step was to determine an accurate current state baseline of the QA function in each country

The capabilities, operating processes, technical toolsets and roles employed were assessed, using a structured questionnaire with stakeholders and document research

Good practices and areas for improvement in each dimension were captured and developed into a ‘roadmap’ for implementation across the region

A future state for the function was defined, that drew on strengths and experience


A realistic vision for the future state

  • We were able to generate both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of strengths, weakness and opportunities for the QA function, together with a realistic vision for the future state
  • The structured questionnaire format allowed a fair and accurate comparison to be made across countries and, importantly, for all stakeholders to feel that their contributions were valued
  • The resulting action plan was agreed by consensus and initiated by the head of the function, in consultation with other stakeholders within the business
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A new central function defined

From a fragmented QA function, operating independently in each country, a central function was defined that would take the best practices from each and combine them

The ultimate goal for the function was to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ within the business, acting in an expert advisory role rather than remedial ‘quality checking’ role

A vision was created where the QA function would work seamlessly with ‘Agile’ teams and be integral to ‘Scrum’ teams and ‘Sprint’ development

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