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IT Service Provider Bid Support


Our client was involved in a sole source, first generation, IT infrastructure bid for a leading private hospital. The hospital had  engaged an advisor to undertake a proxy bid and benchmark exercise in lieu of a competitive tender.

Peru were engaged to provide market and benchmark knowledge and to help structure the proposal. We validated the commercial offer against the required service tower based unit price model. After the proposal was accepted, Peru took a leading role to successfully develop and negotiate the key service schedules in collaboration with the client’s team and external legal counsel.



Peru provided experienced, hands-on consultants to rapidly support the bid team

We restructured the internal and external commercial models to enable a compliant proposal

We provided tools and templates to accelerate the contract drafting and tracking

We performed pricing validation from our benchmark dataset prior to bid submission


Successful proposal and contract negotiation

  • Produced a service proposal and pricing submission capable of acceptance
  • Negotiated outsource contract, with Peru leading the drafting and negotiation of key schedules
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7 year contract signed

Provided guidance through a complex procurement process

Created a robust contract, defining roles and responsibilities

Developed a simple commercial model to facilitate change

Designed reference documents for future outsource services

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