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Migrating Applications to Cloud

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Our client wanted to consolidate its global data centres hosting 1200+ applications whilst moving as many workloads as possible to the Cloud.

For such a major undertaking where Business owners saw only risk and no immediate benefit, the client required change management skills of the highest order to get world-wide internal stakeholders and suppliers on-side.



Ran the supplier selection process to choose the optimum migration partner

Designed, piloted and implemented repeatable factory migration processes. We clearly articulated each of the stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities, and the programme approval gates to be cleared for every type of migration, including complex applications moving to the Cloud

Enabled standard, transparent and auditable execution; saving ABB money and minimising risk

Managed worldwide and stakeholder communications


Ultimate transformation

  • 1700 Apps migrated and 1,120+ apps decommissioned
  • 600 Apps migrated to Cloud
  • 1,680 Servers migrated and 100+ servers decommissioned
  • 700TB of data moved and 7 data centres exited
  • 2,100 Firewall rules implemented
  • 87% P2V conversion ratio
  • 7 Data centres exited
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Significant cost savings

Predictable migration plans and costs

Minimised business risk

Standard, transparent and auditable execution


“We were heavily reliant on the skills, work ethic, creativity and never say die attitude of the Peru team to drive the programme forward in a way that maximised efficiency and effectiveness. Peru worked as a fully integrated part of our Programme Leadership team and was instrumental in driving through change.”​

VP Data Center Migration Program, ABB

Paul Gardner

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