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Optimising Solution Architecture

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Historically, Peru’s client had delivered IT change to the business without a formal design process function, resulting in varying degrees of quality and over budget projects. The client needed help to provide cost-effective solutions across its IT change portfolio.

It turned to Peru to set up a Solution Architecture function to regain control over IT system design and project delivery.



Peru worked closely with the business and IT teams to:​

Identify key business drivers​ and build a governance structure around end-to-end IT design

Produce a prioritised pipeline of work

Define application, data and infrastructure architecture blueprints to support business change

Highlight “hot spots” within core systems to improve stability and capacity

Evaluate packaged applications, cloud services and in-house solutions


Improved systems stability and reduced incidents and problems​

  • Signed off architecture blueprints for Road Networks, HR, Fashion and procurement divisions​
  • Ability to centralise and outsource some non-value add business processes​
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Reduced cost of change​

Robust costings and timescales for all projects

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