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In the summer of 2019 Musgrave had just completed a complex procurement exercise to evolve from a monolithic delivery model for its IT infrastructure services to a tower-based model utilising multiple IT suppliers.

The existing contract was due to end in December 2019 and the new suppliers of both the Managed Print and End User Computing services needed to be transitioned into service prior to the end of November to avoid Musgrave’s IT change freeze.

Additionally the Musgrave IT organisation needed to evolve from a single supplier model to a SIAM-based approach to ensure the management of service delivery was fully integrated



Robust Management

Peru led the Transition programme ensuring robust project management of the incoming suppliers:​

Suppliers proposed Transition Plans reviewed against key quality criteria for scope and timescales​

Service Transition Risks assessed and managed/mitigated throughout the project​

Outgoing suppliers exit obligations managed​

The client’s key service management processes were identified, standardised and aligned to the supplier’s own processes​

Governance structures established for Service Integration & Management


Seamless Transition

  • Transition completed to the schedule including successful knowledge transfer from outgoing supplier
  • Due diligence issues identified by incoming supplier addressed to ensure a smooth transition
  • Musgrave responsibilities to support the transition process clearly chronicled and managed to avoid any supplier defaults
  • Managed Print transition completed in less than 12 weeks
  • End User Computing transition completed seamlessly with end users unaware of the change of provider
  • New Service Management processes rolled out and integrated with suppliers
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Operations Protected

Strong foundations established to deliver fully integrated services across all suppliers

No IT operational impact in terms of stability of systems or levels of service

Further opportunities identified to enhance the services with the new suppliers

Exit management and transition management supplier costs under budget

Transition to new services completed ahead of business critical Christmas trading period


“Peru ensured all parties worked collaboratively with full focus on meeting business requirements. Ultimately we transitioned key services to plan without the business noticing – a great success!”

Neil Collins, Service Delivery Manager - Musgrave

Michael Chahin

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