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Strategic Capability Review

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Our client had created a new business strategy, and the CIO function was preparing its response to ensure it fully supported this new direction.

The CIO needed to understand the capability of the team and the broad future technical environment required to deliver the strategy.



Assessed the current technology landscape and interviewed stakeholders using our proven, structured approach​​

Observed team behaviours in day-to-day activities​

Reviewed project life cycle outputs, processes and management information​

Performed a comparative assessment versus peer group companies and combined this with an analysis of industry trends to help form improvement recommendations​

Produced a maturity assessment of people, processes and technology with respect to the departments’ ability to deliver the new business strategy​


Supporting business strategy

  • An objective analysis of the IT team’s ability to support the business strategy in a sustainable way​
  • Pragmatic project plan to address areas for improvement ​
  • Communications and stakeholder plan to gain buy-in to the required investment
  • An executive briefing pack to communicate the key findings and recommendations​
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The CTO gained a 360’ view of this teams capabilities

The CTO provided a comprehensive improvement plan for each area of his organisation

Feedback was solicited from the CEO and business leads, team self-assessment and the wider organisation

The process ensured that the team actively bought into the feedback

The action plans enabled focussed improvement against agreed timescales

This critical assessment of the teams competence, development areas and capability gaps underpinned the clients transformation plans

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