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Our client’s contract with its longest-established strategic outsource partner was their first venture into IT outsourcing. The initial focus was on a major internal transformation project, whilst also transitioning the management and development of existing IT managed services.

Following the completion of the transformation project which saw an unprecedented change within the organisation, the relationship had begun to stagnate – both parties needed to ensure that the team did not slip into a ‘steady-state’ relationship but instead set themselves up to address a rapidly changing environment and readied the team for the next challenge.

An independent view was needed to give an honest perspective on how best to realise the value in their partnership and understand the change in working context.​



Peru recognised the value in using its proprietary Supplier Relationship Review process to examine 8 key dimensions of value underpinned by strong governance. The process included:

Identification of key stakeholders with structured interviews to establish a 360 degree view of current ways of working and maturity levels

Review of key documentation including the contract, service performance reports, governance artefacts etc

Confirmation and agreement of each party’s feedback and collective views

Facilitated workshop for review and acceptance of the issues and development of a jointly owned action plan


Delivering honest & transparent service reporting

  • Re-build confidence and trust to strengthen the partnership
  • Establish a joint approach to the development of architecture and technology strategies, roadmaps and decision making
  • Improve adherence to and engagement in the formal governance framework and eradicate ‘shadow governance’
  • Resolve historic commercial issues to allow the partnership to flourish
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Innovation given an adrenaline boost

Beginning of the process to reduce the unit cost of IT

Governance and operations are now best practice

Duplication identified and eliminated, resourcing synergies created and clear roles and responsibilities established for both parties

Both parties working from a long term plan and continuing to find new, collaborative opportunities

Significant trust and transparency established between both organisations


“The engagement with Peru created a catalyst to revitalise a critical relationship….. Every new challenge requires new approaches, the application of the right skills, and increased momentum underpinned by clear goals. We are in a strong position with aligned objectives and an exciting future”​

Head of IT Partner Management, AIB

David Upton

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