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Our client was concerned about two main issues:

1) its business risk exposure to IT.

2) whether the current technology footprint was in line with current best practice, business aspirations and strategy.

The client, who had limited internal IT capability, was very nervous about the business continuity risk of a planned office move.



We carried out our full IT landscape Health Check: 
- A current state assessment
- Strategic vision
- Assessment versus market norms
- Options analysis
- Roadmap of change

A short sharp interactive and collaborative exercise involving interviews and workshops 

Provided an on-going trusted advisor service to help move services along


Technology Roadmap and new Operating Model

  • Built  financial and risk reduction Business case
  • 5 Year Technology Roadmap
    • Migration to standard cloud solutions
    • Terminated further on- premise bespoke developments
  • New operating model to ensure rigorous supplier management
    • IT strategy and Governance responsibility brought  in house
    • Supplier retained service integration and operational management
    • Reduced spend with supplier
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Lower total cost of ownership

Enabled the business to continue uninterrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic

Stopped wasting money on sub-optimal IT services and solutions

Working with Peru as their IT strategy partner means that IT is fully supporting the current and future business and enabling the client to manage their supplier from a position of strength

Moving away from reactive tactical IT investments to strategic investments


Peru has helped us get our IT service on track.  They brought their expertise to develop an IT strategy based on our business drivers.  The business has really benefitted from our engagement with Peru.

Procurement Manager

John Fisher

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