Telecoms Transformation Program Recovery

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Travis Perkins was at risk of entering a legal dispute with its telecoms provider. It needed to salvage an over-budget and lagging telecoms transformation programme for its 2,000-site network. TP trusted Peru to save its failing change programme.



Identified opportunities to reduce the cost of both delivering and operating the services ​

Led the negotiation with the supplier to resolve a commercial dispute

Improved commercial governance across the programme​

Optimised delivery processes to speed up roll-out​

Improving the accuracy of asset and billing information for both the legacy and transformed estate


£5m Saving

  • Legal dispute resolved​
  • Delivery accelerated which increase business benefits​
  • Asset and billing errors removed and efficiency savings delivered​
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30x ROI

£2.8m due to improved delivery processes and commercial governance

£1.7m savings due to revised commercial terms

In-year financial savings of over £5M equivalent to over 30 times the consultancy investment

£1.2m asset and efficiency savings


“The programme was critical for our business. We were behind schedule and projecting a substantial overspend. Peru transformed this situation using their market knowledge, thorough data analysis and cleansing, careful planning of negotiation with the provider and total commitment. The programme has been brought-in well inside the budget - a great result! ”

Client Director, Travis Perkins

Steve Watson

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