Mel’s Big Swim

Those of certain age will recall the famous Home Office public information film than ran in the early seventies, “learn to swim young man, learn to swim”. Well at Peru Consulting we have our very own Mike, who famously could “swim like a fish”, in the form of our Peruvian, Mel Holland.

Mel is part of Big Rick’s Chicks, a group of 4 swimmers from the United Kingdom hoping to be the first ever all female relay team to swim a medley relay across the English Channel.

This would be a daunting enough prospect for most people, but not for Mel! By way of a little warm up Mel plans to swim the English Channel solo and will be attempting to swim to France, all things being equal, on the neap tide starting 27th July. To add to the challenge, Mel has had limited opportunity to train for this swim due to the lockdown, with just 3 weeks of intensive practice prior to the big event.

Incredibly it’s not the first time Mel has attempted a crossing of the English Channel, having successfully completed a solo swim in 2018 (You can read all about that one, complete with tales of jellyfish, lobster pots and footballs here.

Find out more about Mel’s latest solo attempt and the teams unique swim medley relay plans here where you can also donate to a great cause – Surfer’s Against Sewage.

Needless to say, everyone at Peru Consulting will be sending their best wishes to Mel and hoping the weather holds to allow her to make the solo attempt next week. We will be providing further details of how you can follow Mel’s crossing once the exact date/time is confirmed and no doubt when she has completed yet another amazing swim, Mel will have many more stories to tell!

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