Priya Syeda Din


Priya has over 7 years’ experience in the IT industry, in a diverse range of roles, including data architecture, commercial management, operations, and agile project management. She has a proven track record in implementing and delivering multi-million-pound IT projects and priorities in fast paced environments and has extensive experience in the setup of IT architecture functions.

Priya’s legal background gives her a wealth of knowledge in absorbing information, facts, analysing material and distilling it into something manageable. She exhibits commercial acumen, experience and skills to analyse both sides of a complex situation and devises the best solution based on strong reasoning and critical thinking, contributing to vendor management for Peru’s clients.

Outside of work, Priya volunteers in assisting the homeless by providing support, has a passion for reading novels and lives with two adorable cute, fiercely independent, curious, mischievous felines. Nothing is more appealing than eliciting a purr-fect response when petting her furballs.

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