Designed to deliver success

Our unique culture and processes set us apart from other IT consultancies.

culture and history hero image
culture and history hero image

Peru exists to deliver a better IT consulting experience for our clients by forging meaningful relationships, building tailored solutions and delivering impactful outcomes through our unique, multi-disciplinary approach.

Our vision is to inspire positive change by becoming a beacon of better consulting. We want to lead a community of like-minded business technologists who improve the industry for practitioners and clients alike.

Helping you succeed

At Peru, our commitment to delivering exceptional results is backed by our deep market insight. We harness the collective expertise of our consultants, as well as our technology and service providers, to ensure the best outcomes for you. Our set of best practice tools also enables us to expedite project delivery and achieve optimal efficiency, even during peak demand periods. 

catriona anderson
catriona anderson

Our values define everything we do

Demonstrate Commitment

We take ownership and drive outcomes. We’re proudly ambitious, and we want to see success for our clients as much as for ourselves. We’re also not afraid to challenge each other – it’s how we develop our services and share knowledge. As better consultants, we go beyond what’s expected, every time.

Show Consideration

We strive to do what’s right, from corporate social responsibility to environmental, social and governance, to everyday courtesy. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and integrate into client teams. Sometimes we need to have difficult conversations, but we do so with objectivity and care. Our knowledge and advice is always relevant and impactful.

Emphasise Trust

Confidentiality is key. We work with integrity, transparency and honesty – with clients and colleagues alike. We say what is right, not necessarily what is popular. We are open-minded and ego-free; we don’t take on work if we can’t add value. Most importantly, we deliver on our promises.

Peru’s journey so far

Better consulting is a journey, not a destination. Here are the major milestones on our journey to date. 

Feb 2012

Peru Consulting is incorporated

Jun 2013

Work underway in Ireland & Switzerland

Feb 2016

Achieve £2m+ of revenue in a single financial year

Feb 2019

40+ clients helped in total

Feb 2020

We achieve £20m revenue since inception

Feb 2021

Grow to 30+ employees

Jan 2022

Recognised by our Peers in FT's UK's Leading Management Consultants 2022

Feb 2023

Exceed £5m of revenue in a single financial year

We’re an engaged community

Get to know the extraordinary individuals who make our company thrive. 

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“The people we have here makes me feel very proud.”

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“The way the company is run is very transparent.”

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Multi Disciplined

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“We wear the client’s badge. That’s a key differentiator for us.”

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“Our collaborative mindset is a part of our culture.”

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