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Peru puts better consulting into action. At its core, better consulting is all about people and relationships. We start by listening, taking the time to understand each customer’s challenges and objectives, and getting to grips with what’s really important. 

We then bring the right team and skill sets to bear for the problem at hand, designing the most effective IT solutions to solve your specific business problems. Our solutions leverage services from across our practices, bringing broad skills and different perspectives to common challenges.

  • Architecture
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When done well, digital architecture creates value by delivering business insight, ensuring consistency, and accelerating decision-making. We help you plan and shape your digital transformation efforts.

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UK Retailer

This retailer was looking for a new finance system and during initial discussions we jointly identified the need for a fundamental review of their IT landscape to understand how IT delivered value and how future investment in IT should be approached
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  • Data management
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Data management

Managing your data effectively helps your business reduce its data burden, while improving your data quality and outcomes. We help organisations unlock the value hidden within their data. 

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Top 50 Global Law Firm

Our client had implemented a data governance strategy to influence an improvement in data management practices. To support their plans, a data management platform was required to help automate processes and workflows as well as support Information Governance and Data Privacy requirements.
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  • Change delivery
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Change delivery

Change is inevitable – but to ensure successful adoption, it must be planned, communicated and delivered smoothly. We help organisations successfully navigate required change by understanding the business case, agreeing the most effective delivery framework, and continually tracking progress.

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Global Life Science Organisation

Our Client was undertaking a workplace transformation programme, trying to understand the office of the future and post-COVID utilisation of office space. Existing technology investments needed rationalising and standardising whilst enhancing the user experience.
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  • Supplier management
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Supplier management

Businesses increasingly rely on suppliers to fulfil critical business needs, making effective IT supplier management essential. We help organisations build stronger partnerships.

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UK Retail Bank

Following acquisitions and divestments the bank was operating five separate legacy systems for their mortgage and savings books. This represented significant operational, technical, and financial risk to the bank. The challenge for Peru was enable the bank to select and execute a solution, picking a single provider and developing a new operating model.  
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  • Sourcing
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Good sourcing isn’t just about finding the right price. It’s about forging partnerships that all parties can benefit from. We help organisations pave the way for sourcing success. 

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Pharmaceutical wholesaler

Our client is in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector and had been acquired by a global conglomerate. We supported them in the separation from the former parent and the realignment of its business with the new parent organisation. The main objective was to standardise and to avoid duplicated capabilities.
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Better consulting insights

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