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Maximise the value of your supplier relationships with Peru Consulting

The world is evolving quickly, and the old ways of finding and building partnerships no longer apply. To stay ahead of the curve and effectively mitigate risk, it’s important to reshape your IT ecosystem the right way. At Peru, we’re committed to delivering the benefits that matter most to you. 

Develop new ways of working

Embrace co-creation strategies with suppliers and build real strategic value.

Empower teams

Unleash the potential of your teams by fostering collaboration, accountability, and shared responsibility.

Align objectives

Crystallise what success looks like for your organisation and your suppliers.

Simplify your supplier base

A complex network of suppliers can hinder your effectiveness as an organisation. Our multidisciplinary team of experts can help by rationalising your portfolio for maximum cost efficiency – allowing you to streamline your operations whilst ensuring that your supplier base consists of partners that have a genuine stake in your vision.

image of woman looking at camera
image of woman looking at camera

We’re technology independent

We bring pragmatism, fairness, and objectivity to the work we do. For this reason, we’re technology agnostic, meaning we’re not tied to any specific platform, cloud solution, or supplier. Our focus is on you, and your organisation only. 

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Setting your organisation up for success

Unlike other consultancies, we embed ourselves within your team and foster an environment of co-operation, accountability, and shared responsibility to deliver impactful outcomes. But we also never overstay our welcome. Instead, we empower you with the collateral and support you need, so you can independently achieve success in the long term.

image of man drawing on whiteboard in a meeting
image of man drawing on whiteboard in a meeting

Powered by years of collective experience

Peru is impacting the IT consultancy industry by being the driving force behind better consulting. We do this by empowering our multidisciplinary team of experts, each averaging 15 years of specialised experience. Through their broad range of perspectives, experiences, and insights, we engineer a unique and tailored approach that drives value at every stage.

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Supporting our client in forging a new strategic IT partnership

Our client lacked the required IT capacity and capability to meet future growth plans. The client was also seeking access to innovation within its sector to meet its business ambitions.

European Food Retailer | Retail & Wholesale | UK & Ireland

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