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better solutions Hero
better solutions Hero

Peru puts better consulting into action. At its core, better consulting is all about people and relationships. We start by listening, taking the time to understand each customer’s challenges and objectives, and getting to grips with what’s really important. We then bring the right team and skill sets to bear for the problem at hand, designing the most effective IT solutions to solve your specific business problems.

Together, we achieve things that wouldn’t be possible on our own. We strive to always raise the bar, establishing better consulting as the industry standard.

  • IT 360
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IT 360

Poor investments in technology, gaps in IT capabilities, and inefficient systems can all limit an organisation’s potential. We help you unlock the business value of your IT investments and services. 

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UK & EU Retailer

This retailer was looking for a new finance system and during initial discussions we jointly identified the need for a fundamental review of their IT landscape to understand how IT delivered value and how future investment in IT should be approached
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  • Performance Accelerators
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Performance Accelerators

Federated decision-making, inadequate control measures and vague strategic direction can result in reduced efficiency, higher costs, and limited agility. We help you optimise your IT at speed.

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Global Manufacturing Organisation

Our client needed an empirical understanding of its Disaster Recovery (DR) position with respect to all software applications supporting the business. [This is a business unit within a large global manufacturing company operating in 100 countries]
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  • Better Partnerships
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Better Partnerships

The world is evolving quickly, and the old ways of finding and building partnerships no longer apply. We help you maximise the value of your supplier relationships.

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European Food Retailer

Our client lacked the required IT capacity and capability to meet future growth plans. The client was also seeking access to innovation within its sector to meet its business ambitions.
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Better consulting insights

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