Peru Consulting is committed to nurturing an environment where our ‘Peruvians’ (self-named team members), our Clients, our Partners and our Associate contractors feel valued and respected, regardless of any visible or invisible differences.

We encourage everyone to bring their authentic self to work, to respect and value other perspectives and opinions, and to make every effort to embody our Values (Considered, Committed and Trusted) through everyday behaviour.

Bringing our authentic selves to work means we can source and activate innovative and agile ideas and use collaboration and flexibility to realise successful outcomes for our clients.

We work hard to protect our culture of collaboration and inclusivity: a place we can all feel supported and able to reach our full potential. To support this, we continually look to enhance our people-led activities, by using regular reflection, analysis, adjustment and education. This includes our approach and culture, everyday practices and policies and how we share this with the world.

We listen carefully not only to our clients, but to our team members, too. We ask for their input regularly, including taking part in the Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey. This invaluable feedback helps us to look deeper with an honest eye and continually revise and enhance how we do things to ensure everyone feels happy working here.

Our DEI strategy is led by the Board of Directors, incorporating input from our IDEAL (Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality for All) team, a diverse group from across the company, giving equal voice.

Our DEI mission:

  • No demographic should be a barrier to meaningful work or career success.
  • Everyone at Peru Consulting, regardless of work status or demographic, should be treated fairly and consistently. This includes decisions and practices relating to recruitment, reward, benefits, work rights, recognition, development, progress, communications and discipline.

How we do it:

  • Ensure all our leaders are visible and accountable champions of DEI
  • Awareness training across all members of the company, regardless of status
  • Develop our policies, processes and practices to support DEI including unconscious bias programs
  • Nurture a culture of belonging that values and harnesses the power of differences
  • Celebrate our differences and the diversity of our team
  • Invite people from all cultures and demographics to join our team
  • We all endeavour to abide by our IDEAL Principles:
    • People
      • We want to ensure people bring their “whole” selves to work and celebrate our differences
    • Training
      • We want to continue to promote Peru as a Great Place to Work and embed DEI in our everyday working life
    • Recruitment
      • We want to be able to attract a diverse workforce
    • Business
      • We want to promote DEI as a company to our clients
 For more information on Peru Consulting and DEI, please email diversity@peruconsulting.co.uk