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Good sourcing isn’t just about finding the right price. It’s about forging partnerships that all parties can benefit from. 

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Pave the way for sourcing success with Peru

We support all stages of the sourcing lifecycle, from market research and supplier evaluation to negotiation and contract creation. By partnering with us, you can expect the following benefits.

Better market insights

Gain a broader understanding of the market to identify and engage with best-fit suppliers.

Co-create partnerships

Elevate your supplier network to foster mutual value creation.

Enhanced due diligence

Take proactive measures to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate supplier risk.

Develop a pragmatic 
sourcing strategy

We work closely with key stakeholders in your organisation to determine your goals, which enables us to deliver a sourcing strategy that balances the needs of all parties involved. 

image of woman looking at camera with a pattern overlaid
image of woman looking at camera with a pattern overlaid

Tender execution and 

As your experienced sourcing experts, we’re well-positioned to manage all contracting processes on your behalf. Our comprehensive services include defining key commercial principles, drafting contracts, providing contract summaries for key stakeholders, and more.

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close up image of stock market graphs

Enhance team performance and process efficiency

Based on an assessment of your sourcing function’s maturity and alignment with industry best practices, local requirements, and business objectives, we’ll deliver an improvement programme to enhance internal efficiency and performance.

image of man standing and smiling in a meeting
image of man standing and smiling in a meeting

Maintain regulatory compliance

Ensuring suppliers’ regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of the sourcing process, especially for organisations operating in highly regulated industries. Our comprehensive framework ensures that all necessary governance structures, policies, procedures, and reporting mechanisms are in place to support evidence-based compliance and enforcement. 

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close up image of a finger print

Powered by years of collective experience

Peru is impacting the IT consultancy industry by being the driving force behind better consulting. We do this by empowering our multidisciplinary team of experts, each averaging 15 years of specialised experience. Through their broad range of perspectives, experiences, and insights, we engineer a unique and tailored approach that drives value at every stage.

Explore our case studies

Optimising contracts for better financial services partnerships

Our client is one of the largest long-term savings and retirement businesses in the UK. They had an existing, long-term relationship with a supplier which was up for renewal.

Financial Service Client | Financial Services | UK

Supporting our client in forging a new strategic IT partnership

Our client lacked the required IT capacity and capability to meet future growth plans. The client was also seeking access to innovation within its sector to meet its business ambitions.

European Food Retailer | Retail & Wholesale | UK & Ireland

Client success in outsourcing regulatory compliance

The PRA issued new regulation pertaining to the risk management of third parties and outsourcing. Our client (a Financial Services institution) needed to develop a risk-based approach to the...

Tier 2 UK Bank | Financial Services | UK

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