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Bid Better Business - Part 2

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Peru Consulting 28 Jul 2020 Time to read: 

Find out how to develop compelling tender responses that resonate with customers by reading an extract from Peru’s Consulting’s “guide to better bidding”:

➊ First truly understand what your potential customer wants:

  • An RFP or ITT will typically include the customers key objectives/strategy.
  • If not make sure this is the first question you ask in any procurement process.
  • Make it a priority to truly understand your prospective customers objectives.

➋ Ensure your response articulates how your solution can meet their objectives:

  • Lead to your solution, not with your solution.
  • Ensure your tender response is linked to your customers objectives.
  • From your management summary through to specific responses to requirements.

➌ Ensure there is a golden thread from their objectives to your solution:

  • First playback their objective and then associate it with your solution.
  • A method for mapping objectives to solutions is a benefits dependency network
  • This is a visual representation of how:

                ☑ Your solution can enable business change

                ☑ The business change can drive one or more benefits

                ☑ The realisation of the benefits will support the customers objectives.

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In summary:

  • First seek to understand your customers key objectives
  • Then illustrate how your solution meets them
  • Start with the objectives not your solution.

As the famous saying goes “Begin with the end in mind”.

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