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Challenges for Mid-Market Digital Transformation

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Peru Consulting 18 May 2021 Time to read: 

Digital Transformation key to Business Strategy

A report last year by accountants Grant Thornton highlighted that almost 9 out 10 mid-market businesses made major changes to their business models during the first lockdown with half of these organisations expecting these changes to remain even after the pandemic has passed. Perhaps unsurprisingly half of all businesses surveyed have implemented home or flexible working and over 40% have had to adjust their business strategy.

The research also highlighted that almost 50% of organisations were looking to digital transformation to underpin planned changes in their business strategy. That’s all well and good however many mid-market business leaders feel unprepared and frankly not well supported in taking the leap of investing in digital transformation and don’t have the budgets to hire a magic circle consultancy or IT partner to help them.

The Hop, Step & Jump of Digital Transformation

To use an analogy the digital transformation journey has parallels to what is arguably that most technically demanding of all track and field sports, the triple jump…or as it is sometimes known, the “hop, step and jump”:

  • The Hop: Does the business have a clear vision of how digital transformation will support the wider business strategy and objectives? Is the current state well understood? Has a technology roadmap been defined to understand how the business will get from the current state to the envisaged future?
  • The Step: How will the business source the required technology to deliver the future state requirements? Is the go to market strategy understood? Have the right suppliers been identified? What are the optimal commercial terms?
  • The Jump: How will the business deliver on the transformation roadmap? Are the timescales for change realistic? Are the foundations in place to deliver the required change? What is the impact on the operating model and ways of working across the business?

Just as is the case with the triple jump, if businesses make a misstep on either their digital, sourcing or change strategy, the required business benefit outcomes will be in jeopardy…get the hop wrong and you risk misalignment with your business objectives, make a mistake with the step and you risk sourcing sub-optimal solutions and mis-time the jump and your transformation programmes may fail to deliver on the vision.

How Peru Can Help

We’ve helped many businesses shape their IT strategy, buy better technology services and deliver on their investment in digital. We have a passion for helping companies achieve their business goals through the adoption of digital technology and our advisors can help businesses improve productivity and strengthen their business strategies to achieve their overall goals.

Recognising the challenges faced by mid-market businesses setting out on their digital transformation journey, we at Peru Consulting have developed an “IT Advisory as a Service” approach tailored specifically to the needs of your business and providing maximum flexibility to engage our services when you need them, aligned to your business priorities, objectives and resources.

When you engage our “IT Advisory as a Service” subscription service, we’ll work with you to undertake an initial Health check to understand your business goals and identify the right package of IT advisory support focused on your specific needs and drawn from our extensive experience of the digital technology marketplace.

So, if you are confident that you have got your “hop” right, but just need help perfecting your “step” or fine tuning your “jump”, then you’ll have the flexibility to draw down from our advisory support to suit your specific business needs. You’ll also have access to an advisor “on demand” with regular service reviews to ensure your technology strategy remains on track for a gold-medal winning performance.

Interested in understanding how our “IT Advisory as a Service” can help your business invest in the right digital outcomes? Ready to turn your “Leap of Faith” into a well-executed digital transformation strategy? If you would like to find out more about our business transformation consulting services, please book a meeting to talk through how we can help your organisation. You can also find out more about our IT Advisory as a Service subscription service here: www.peruconsulting.co.uk/services/it-advisory-as-a-service/