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We Are Family: Folding@Home

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Peru Consulting 25 May 2020 Time to read: 

At Peru Consulting we are family! Three generations of Peru laptops folding proteins while we work, two generations of Peru mobiles crunching data while we sleep. All in aid of speeding up vital COVID-19 and cancer research trials.

Folding@Home and DreamLab are great examples of crowdsourcing the distributed computing power of thousands of people in the UK – and millions worldwide – to accelerate scientific research and development projects into a number of diseases including cancers and Covid-19.

Folding@Home is designed for desktops and laptops and is particularly effective used on gaming PCs, where the power of these device’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) can be utilised. Conversely, DreamLab is designed for iOS and android mobile devices, and is completely free to download and is fully secure.

Both platforms provide great examples of harnessing IT computing power for good causes and we at Peru fully endorse them!