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What are the benefits of migrating to a digital network?

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John Fisher 5 Jul 2022 Time to read: 

BT’s decision to switch off PSTN services in December 2025, presents an opportunity to better understand the limitations of PSTN networks and through migration capitalise on the features of a Digital Network.

The key limitations associated to the outdated PSTN services are:

  • The design was engineered primarily for voice services which it does really well, however, data services are possible but speed is limited and less efficient than digital networks
  • PSTN lines require dedicated lines for making and receiving calls
  • Bandwidth is limited on PSTN technology
  • Scalability is limited requiring complex infrastructure
  • Costs to implement, run and maintain PSTN lines is much higher than digital networks
  • There are only a limited amount of features available as standard with PSTN networks without incurring added costs
  • PSTN is not designed to support integrations into software systems such as CRM and Marketing tools

Fortunately, transitioning over to digital networks (Voice over IP) VOIP, helps you overcome these limitations and also adds many more benefits:

  • VOIP is easier to upgrade, when new features are released and/or scale up as your business grows.  There are a range of tools available that can provide analysis and can track a range of statistics, essential when determining requirements to ever changing environments.
  • Customers will receive a better experience when engaging with your business with an enhanced range of options and facilities associated with VOIP networks.
  • Increased portability by allowing office, home and ‘on the road’ based staff to access your telephone system including integration with business mobiles.
  • The overall costs of the services will be considerably lower than PSTN networks with extra features built in as standard within VOIP services, which would otherwise be separate charges in a PSTN environment.
  • Future Proofing as any investment from transitioning from legacy PSTN networks will be safeguarded for the foreseeable future.

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