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Why should you worry about the Big BT Switch Off?

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John Fisher 3 Jul 2022 Time to read: 

BT has announced plans to switch off all Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services, that has been the bedrock of business communications for many years, by 31st December 2025.  Although the final switch off is in 2025, BT has already started to phase out PSTN networks preventing businesses from ordering new circuits at some exchanges. The switch-off includes Integrated Service Digital Networks (ISDN) which allows access to the internet and phone calls (Data and voice) over the same line with the added ability to have multiple channels over one line.

Many Businesses and homes rely on this outdated technology and BT’s decision to cease supplying these analogue services will result in several challenges including:

  • A considerable number of devices rely on this technology which include such things as telephone systems, security systems, CCTV, lift phones & alarms, traffic lights, ATM’s, door entry systems, hospital equipment and fax machines
  • In larger organisations, there may not be an up-to-date register of all devices and connections operating on the analogue network with a distinct possibility that areas may be overlooked
  • There are certain areas within the UK which rely on ISDN to supply their internet connection due to availability issues with other broadband internet services
  • Broadband services such as ADSL (Part of Wholesale Line Rental WLR) also rely on PSTN and will also require an alternative solution
  • Certain hardware currently in use, will no longer be compatible and require replacement or conversion to work with digital services
  • Current contracts will need to be reviewed with consideration o technology upgrades to support the new technology
  • Potential disruption of service from migrating over to support the new digital environment
  • Transitioning over to a digital network from an analogue network may expose vulnerabilities to power cuts is some cases
  • New devices with more sophisticated features will begin to roll out to support the transition to digital, which will require staff training to familiarise them with the new features they offer


By taking action now your organisations can undertake this in a planned orderly fashion avoiding stress on resources close to December 2025.  We can support you with this challenge.

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