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We enabled our client to ‘reset’ an existing strategic IT relationship


A 5-year agreement was ending, and our client wished to continue subject to an overhaul of the contract and the terms.
The client is a UK financial services company specialising in savings and retirement services.


  • We acquired a thorough understanding of stakeholder requirements and expectations. What was working, what wasn’t, the outcomes needed. A key requirement was the need to scale the agreement across other brands within the group, and as required, remove services for divested entities.  
  • Constructed a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the contract including services and service levels, commercials, and the core terms in the MSA.
  • Peru did an independent benchmark of services and commercials.
  • We made recommendations on changes required to core terms.
  • Peru prepared the client for the renegotiation.


  • The client renegotiated from a position of clarity and strength.
  • The benchmark of services led to significant savings compared to the original contract.
  • A market competitive contract was agreed between the parties for a further 5-year term, without the need for a lengthy and costly process.

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