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Disaster Recovery Strategy for Global Client & Business Applications

Our client needed an empirical understanding of its Disaster Recovery (DR) position with respect to all software applications supporting the business. [This is...

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View Global Life Science Organisation case study
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We enabled our client to build the blueprint for their office of the future

Our Client was undertaking a workplace transformation programme, trying to understand the office of the future and post-COVID utilisation of office...

View UK Retailer case study
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Strategic Business Transformation Case Study

This retailer was looking for a new finance system and during initial discussions we jointly identified the need for a fundamental review of their IT...

View Financial Service Client case study
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Optimising contracts for better financial services partnerships

Our client is one of the largest long-term savings and retirement businesses in the UK. They had an existing, long-term relationship with a supplier...

View Top 50 Global Law Firm case study
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Legal data management transformation case study

Our client had implemented a data governance strategy to influence an improvement in data management practices. To support their plans, a data...

View NHS Digital case study
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Enhancing Client Data Discoverability and Quality: Case Study

Public Health England set out to improve discoverability of research data held by NHS England during COVID. NHS Digital asked Peru Consulting to...

View UK Retail Bank case study
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Transforming a banking client's mortgage platform: a case study

Following acquisitions and divestments the bank was operating five separate legacy systems for their mortgage and savings books. This represented...

View Central Bank case study
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Independent benchmarking helps extend client contracts competitively

Our client has a complex inhouse datacentre solution with a market leading provider. The solution needs transformation including the leveraging of...

View Pharmaceutical wholesaler case study
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IT Operating Model Rearchitecture Post-Acquisition: A Case Study

Our client is in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector and had been acquired by a global conglomerate. We supported them in the separation from the...

View Tier 2 UK Bank case study
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Client success in outsourcing regulatory compliance

The PRA issued new regulation pertaining to the risk management of third parties and outsourcing. Our client (a Financial Services institution)...

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