With a career dedicated to change delivery, programs, and IT transformation, Lisa thrives on building high-performing teams to achieve tangible results. Her international experience spans nearly two decades, making her a seasoned professional in various domains, including change management, IT transformation, project and program delivery, supplier sourcing and management, and team development through coaching and mentoring.

Lisa's passion lies in driving strategic organizational change and ensuring the successful delivery of transformation projects that land safely. Lisa excels in building effective relationships and implementing best practices, consistently delivering impactful outcomes.  Her experience includes successful change implementation in heavily regulated environments, spanning industries from stockbroking and insurance to credit. Her portfolio also highlights her involvement in FCA applications and approvals, underlining her ability to thrive in complex and regulated landscapes.

Away from the professional realm, Lisa finds joy in travel, whether it's a spontaneous European weekend getaway to soak up culture and sun or a more exotic, long haul trip. Residing in Yorkshire, Lisa enjoys hiking with her husband Andrew and their lovable cockapoo, Lottie and family time with her bonus (step) children Poppy and Charlie.