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Meet our Peruvian: David Catterall

image of David Catterall David Catterall
David Catterall 9 Jun 2022 Time to read: 

 I became a Peruvian in June 2021 hoping to join a friendly, supportive organisation who could help me develop my career.  I quickly learned that I’d made a great decision, joining a team who deliver impactful, bespoke services to Clients and become Trusted Advisors to the people we work alongside.  At Peru, we get the opportunity to work with fantastic clients, but are also trusted to shape the future success of our company which is a wonderful dual challenge.


All companies need data to function, and most need help to manage their data effectively.  My role is to help organisations use their data more effectively, so they can make well informed decisions.  Whether this is governing and controlling data usage,  delivering digital transformation, or enabling machine learning and AI, the fundamental challenges are the same.  Many organisations start by looking at their technology landscape and seeking help from vendors.  I prefer to start by understanding the aspirations, people and processes necessary to achieve the client ambitions.  Technology plays a part, but most data challenges involve a large people element, and far smaller technology one.  Our data team are well placed to manage the whole challenge, not just the technology ones which is a key factor in our success.


Away from work I try to play as much sport as I can, usually football, hockey or golf but I’ll try my hand at anything. I find golf to be equally frustrating and rewarding,  I’m determined to get better at it and enjoy the walk regardless.  My family recently relocated to Kent, and are really getting settled in.   I’m lucky enough to own a Caterham 7 and can often be found driving around the Kent countryside. It’s an excellent way to explore a new area, especially when the sun is out.


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