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Supporting our client in forging a new strategic IT partnership


Our client lacked the required IT capacity and capability to meet future growth plans. The client was also seeking access to innovation within its sector to meet its business ambitions.


  • Peru led the process from the initial problem statement, through a series of co-create workshops, to partner selection, contracting of services, and the transition to the new services.
  • We deployed a 'co-creation’ model at all stages which engaged the prospective suppliers in a better way and at an increased pace. This was based on openness and trust, and solutions were iterated and evolved through the process.
  • Peru worked in close collaboration with the client as a single multi-disciplinary team.
  • A collaborative and engaging workshop process led to the selection of a strategic partner, for Change and Run services.
  • The process also allowed the teams to collaborate on the solution and assess the cultural fit of this partnership.


  • The new strategic IT partner is in place providing the client with significantly improved IT efficiency and increased capacity and capability, in order to drive the Change agenda.
  • The client now has the benefit of next generation services, including AI-enabled tooling to predict and prevent service-impacting events.
  • The teams are now engaged on a portfolio of new transformation projects & innovation initiatives.

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