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Organisations looking to review their operating models and focus on new ways of working are in the main driven by the need to respond to a changing IT buying landscape, a change in expected business outcomes or the desire to accelerate the speed of delivery. Typically our clients look to address these challenges in one of three ways:

Target Operating Model Design & Delivery: involves business outcome definition, internal and market capability assessments, OP model design options and transition & transformation

Functional Maturity Assessments & Remediation: involving a best practice assessment against our proprietary or industry frameworks and actionable plan for remediation.

Ways of Working Review & Change Delivery: involving a review of people, processes and tools to enable faster, flexible and scalable working practices.

Why clients come to us

  • New technology is disrupting our market
  • Shadow IT is becoming the norm and we have to stay relevant to the organisation.
  • Creating a service mindset is critical to the future success of IT
  • Responding to business demand needs to happen quickly but also robustly.
  • No existing capability to define and deliver required Centres of Excellence

Our approach

  • We provide assessments based on our market expertise and experience of working with multiple teams across different industries.
  • We work collaboratively with you and your team to assess your capabilities, advise on market capability where relevant and help to shape your organisation to achieve your goals.
  • Utilising a structured process and proprietary maturity frameworks ensures all aspects of an IT team or function are fully considered.

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