Programme Assurance, Recovery & Execution

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Peru’s experience is that programmes often run into difficulties for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of sponsorship / steering committee
  • Governance framework
  • No programme plan with milestones not defined with interdependencies between projects within the programme
  • ROI not defined or understood

Fundamentally we’ll work with you to ensure that the business case is clear on the need for the Programme, with complete clarity about its purpose, scope, timescale, deliverables, quality and cost.

Proper sponsorship and governance is essential, and our experience can help improve these quickly, as well as install effective risk management, with clear accountability and responsibility for each risk.


Why clients come to us

  • Expert knowledge in programme management methodologies and ‘what good looks like’
  • Forensic analysis skills in examining programme status and performance
  • Track record of improving our clients’ programmes
  • Supplier relationship and negotiation expertise to address concerns about third party programme delivery


Our approach

  • Deploy the right team to work with your people, and prepare the ground for a focused, efficient assurance review
  • Gather evidence: documents, questionnaires, interviews, data, management reports etc
  • Analyse the materials looking for gaps, trends, performance, achievements against objectives etc.
  • Consolidate the analysis into a coherent assurance report and findings and finally Recommend the actions to take to bring the Programme on track

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Managing Consultant

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Paul Gardner


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