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The transition and transformation phase of any new IT service represents a high risk phase for both customer organisations and suppliers alike. Peru has extensive experience of managing large-scale, complex, transition and business transformation projects for both suppliers and customers to ensure maximum business value is delivered whilst minimising the risks associated with major change programmes. Our T&T capabilities are utilised in different scenarios:

Integration Management Office (M&A): helping clients deliver divestiture or acquisition IT programmes focusing on excellence in service transition and benefits tracking.

In and Outsourcing: defining Transitional service agreements (TSAs) and building a robust programme and delivery arm to accelerate successful transformation to the new service model

Why clients come to us

  • Expertise needed in T& T
  • TSA development capabilities
  • No bandwidth to undertake complex programme management
  • Tricky stakeholders need proactive management and managed change.
  • Remediation of existing T&T programmes which have gone awry
  • Successful track record

Our approach

  • We fulfil both project and commercial management roles during the transition & transformation programme
  • We work closely with clients to manage the transition of incoming providers and exit of legacy providers
  • We proactively assess and manage Transition & Transformation Risks throughout the project
  • We ensure commercial obligations of all parties are understood and met throughout the process

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Catriona Anderson

Managing Consultant

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John Fisher

Principal Consultant

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