Operational Resilience

With unexpected outages in an IT estate having potentially catastrophic impacts on a business, it is critical to ensure the relevant policies, processes and solutions are implemented & maintained to assure business continuity in the event of disaster. Our operational resilience toolkit will enable you to understand your current operational resilience strengths and weaknesses and accelerate your transformation to becoming a resilient business. We provide several approaches to support you in this journey, including, but not limited to:

Resilience Capability and Maturity Assessment: A structured review of key elements of operational resilience, identifying areas of weakness and providing recommendations to achieve your aspirational maturity.

Business Impact Assessment:  Design and roll out an objective assessment to identify your business-critical processes, applications and critical infrastructure services which will require the most robust DR solutions.

DR solutioning : Working with your teams to design, implement and test disaster recovery solutions appropriate to the level of criticality of the application or infrastructure service.

Digital Workplace Strategy: Engage with key stakeholders to garner critical requirements, information discovery and deliver a business aligned Digital Workplace Strategy.

Compliance: Understand your organisation’s exposure to GDPR noncompliance from a commercial and privacy perspective. We help shape mitigation efforts around our GDPR compliance framework and help remove risk.


Why client come to us

  • Understand weaknesses that exist in their operational resilience framework and implementation
  • Identify their business critical processes and supporting applications and infrastructure services
  • Develop best practice policies and operational processes for resilience
  • Build resilience into the DNA of the organisation


Our approach

  • Critically evaluate the current state of an organisation’s operational resilience
  • Collaborate across Business and IT stakeholders to determine resilience requirements
  • Review supplier’s obligations and performance including the suppliers own resilience framework
  • Enhance awareness and embedding resilience into the day to day operations
  • Assess not only gaps in resilience but understand how your operating model, processes, data and people impact your ability to create a resilient organisation.

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