IT Advisory as a Service

Our IT Advisory as a Service provides a tailored personal service, delivering outcomes and trusted advice when your business needs it, enabling you to focus on what you do best. 

This unique subscription service can flex as per the size and needs of the business.  It consists of 4 key components:

  1. Initial Health Check ​

Our health check provides a no-obligation informative assessment to help understand your current IT landscape, the challenges it is facing now or could encounter in the future. This also helps to shape the subscription to meet your unique needs. 

  1. Core Service

Advisory Support:​  Unlimited calls and emails to a client representative focused on providing you with access to a wealth of advice and guidance available across Peru’s experienced pools of analysts and consultants.

Quarterly Service Review:​  A regular meeting to ensure your business is making the best use of our services and to identify any additional advisory support you may benefit from.

  1. Elective Services

Specific tailored services, driven in part from the health check results, are selected providing you with targeted services to deliver the outcomes your business needs.  Services can be provided in a wide range of areas including:

  1. Resource Pool​

A number of days for additional ad hoc use or discrete advisory services over the term of the subscription.

Our subscription pricing, with a monthly fixed fee, is designed to ensure the service is accessible to both SME’s and mid-market businesses and offers flexibility to meet your specific needs including preferential rates for further support. 

Why clients come to us?​​

  • We have a passion for helping SMEs and mid-market companies achieve their business goals through the adoption of digital technology and our advisors can help firms improve productivity and strengthen their business strategies to achieve their overall goals.
  • As a small business ourselves, we understand your challenges and appreciate that every business is unique; a “one size fits all” approach simply does not work.
  • With unlimited calls and emails included, we are 100% client focused and create a highly personalised service to help you succeed.
  • Our people reflect our values, and we guarantee a collaborative, quality, agile and trusted service.  Providing you with access to the full breadth of Peru’s capabilities and expertise.
  • Using our enviable set of IP, artefacts, templates, and industry experience available we can bring clear approaches, methodologies and inject pace into your response to the challenges you are facing and the progress you want to make.

Our approach

Peru has wealth of experience working with SME and mid-market clients across multiple sectors to achieve their business outcomes including:

  • helping a business in the infrastructure sector develop their IT strategy and roadmap to ensure their technology investment was fully supporting their current and future business objectives.
  • working alongside an IT service provider to help them deliver a compelling tender response for a large public sector telecom deal ultimately resulting in the award of a multi-million pound contract.
  • advising a managed service provider on the optimal commercial and contractual approach to secure a complex IT outsourcing deal with a leading private healthcare provider.
  • undertaking a detailed review of the suitability of a critical application for a business in the infrastructure sector to ensure their IT solution was fit for purpose to support their business expansion goals.

Our services also include IT consulting, IT outsourcing services, IT strategy services, sourcing consulting, data management services, business transformation services, data architecture, tender writing services and more.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch to talk through how we can help your organisation or go straight to the no-obligation health check

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