Cost Optimisation

Peru’s IT Cost Optimisation service offers experience and detailed knowledge to make substantial Capex and Opex savings. Cost Optimisation reviews actual IT spend for an agreed scope of services and commodities and identifies potential savings. We focus on cost with specific lenses

  • Supplier Spend Review: to reduce unit costs, which will be benchmarked against the market including potential contractual levers and opportunities for negotiated cost reductions.
  • Opportunity Assessment: The opportunities for new service delivery models to execute more efficiently, the potential for rationalisation of the IT portfolio to reduce unit consumption and the identification of contemporary and disruptive technologies to ‘buy different things’ and drive innovation and growth alongside overall cost reduction.

Why clients come to us

  • Understand key drivers of spend
  • Need for IT spend transparency and business confidence in ability to deliver
  • Understand technology spend vs spend on business growth
  • Assess whether current spending levels are sustainable

Our approach

  • Baseline and identification of quick wins and focus areas
  • Inputs: IT GL, outsourcing contracts and invoices
  • Deliverables: Interactive dashboard and analysis of IT Spending profile, identification of focus areas and quick wins, high level roadmap of optimisation initiatives
  • Realise cost optimisation
  • Inputs: interviews and validation, supplier meetings, contextual working model
  • Deliverables: detailed roadmap of optimisation initiatives, prioritised actions.

Meet Our Team

Chris Smith

Managing Consultant

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Richard Oliver

Principal Consultant

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Robert Gordon-Giles

Principal Consultant

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