Sourcing & Contracting

Our sourcing services encapsulate three broad capability areas:

Sourcing Strategy & Market Evaluation: involves baselining your commercial and financial environment, defining the ‘go to market’ approach and identifying potential suppliers

Tender Preparation: we rapidly develop tender documents using pre-defined templates covering process, solution requirements and commercial & financial criteria

Response Evaluation & Supplier Selection: we work with your team to evaluate supplier proposals using flexible assessment tools to determine the best supplier solution for your business.

Why clients come to us for sourcing help?

  • TCO is not well known
  • No expertise to manage sourcing projects
  • No bandwidth to undertake a sourcing exercise
  • Need to understand whether suppliers are cost effective and fit for purpose

Our approach to sourcing

  • Only use consultants that have a successful track records completing sourcing projects.
  • We work at Board level where necessary to guide senior executives through sourcing options.
  • Our in depth knowledge of supplier offerings gained through working with all major outsourcers helps clients distinguish the reality from the hype.
  • We use a structured process ensuring all aspects of a supplier proposal are fully considered including the expected benefits and total cost of ownership.


Our contracting services encapsulate three broad capability areas:

Deal Architecture & Key Commercial Principles: we can lead on defining the best deal principles and commercial terms for your agreement based on our contracting terms database built on years of experience

Negotiation & Contract Writing Service: we ally our broad commercial negotiation experience with a wide range of negotiation planning tools and pre-built contract documents to accelerate the production of optimal commercial agreements

Obligations Mgmt. & Contract Socialisation: Peru will implement our comprehensive best practice Obligations Register template to fully capture all client & supplier responsibilities and produce contract summaries for key stakeholders.

Why clients come to us for contracting help?

  • Need a trusted partner to negotiate
  • Complexity of contract needs expert skills
  • Commercially astute service gurus
  • Flexibility in commercial contracts to support dynamics business

Our approach to contracting

  • Define commercial objectives early to improve outcomes in contracting.
  • Use a pre-defined library of Key Commercial Principles to quickly define commercial T&Cs
  • Our in depth knowledge of contract drafting & IT saves time and creates contractual terms that deliver a fit for purpose operational environment.
  • We lead, participate or train client resources to negotiate dependent on lour client’s bandwidth and internal skills.

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