Supplier Review & Benchmarking

Peru regularly provides price reviews for clients, identifying the market price that should be expected and how this compares to current provision.

Key outcomes:

  • Value assurance to inform the benefits case in advance of a contractual benchmark
  • Input to price review discussions
  • Enact contract benchmark obligations
  • Service performance assurance against industry norms
  • Actionable value or renewal plans

Why clients come to us

  • Need to identify and realise immediate savings
  • Negotiate with confidence
  • Justifying the value of IT services to internal stakeholders
  • Remove price from negotiating table to focus on service delivery

Our approach

  • Definition of the scope of the potential outsource
  • Build current cost model to allow a comparison against the outsourced market
  • Build current volumes view, e.g. LAN ports, WAN circuits by bandwidth, desktop devices, servers
  • Select contracts that serve similar requirements and, service by service, provides a market price range and analyse where requirements would drive higher charges
  • Produce a management report that clearly illustrates key points for input to the sourcing decision.

Meet Our Team

Chris Smith

Managing Consultant

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Catriona Anderson

Managing Consultant

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Richard Oliver

Principal Consultant

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