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Our data architecture practitioners have a track record of helping businesses across all sectors and geographies, define strategies for how data can enable them to achieve their strategic ambitions.

Decision makers need ready access to business insights from data, that drive the maximum business impact.

Our proven Data Architecture Toolkits and business led data expertise will enable you to understand your data and accelerate your transformation to becoming a digital business.

Use our real-world experience to:

  • Transform your knowledge assets allowing you to generate IP and enhanced insight from quality data repositories, opening up new data revenue streams
  • Understand your customers through increased awareness of their activities and trend analysis to enhance the customer experience
  • Enable Business Intelligence foundations on which to inform your business strategy and decision making and proactively monitor performance

Why clients come to us

  • Multiple sources of information, with significant manual reporting overhead, limiting confidence in a single version of the truth
  • A lack of understanding about their customer’s behaviour and needs across all their interactions
  • Inefficient internal operations, creating significant cost overhead and delays
  • How can we monetise our data to gain real competitive advantage and understand where the opportunities lie?

Our approach

  • Data Discovery to understand the data you have, where it resides and how it is accessed
  • Data Health Check to determine the accuracy of your data and increase your confidence in utilising it
  • Data Maturity Assessment to understand how you compare to your competitors and industry best practice
  • Architecture Function review to understand your team’s culture, skills and processes
Our automation practice helps organisations looking to reduce costs, improve process execution speeds and aid better organisational integration are increasingly turning toward automation techniques and technologies.

Our automation services will help uplift automation maturity as well as focus on the right opportunities for your organisation.

Automation Maturity Index: benchmark your maturity across five key areas on our framework and receive roadmap and adoption path to achieve required maturity

Automation Landscape Readiness: define and assess systems and automation landscape to identify, recommend and re-use (where possible) tools to automate in most efficient manner

Process Opportunity Pipeline: discovery and assessment of identified processes to define ROI

Automation Centre of Excellence: build a scalable, lasting and learning automation team with the skills and outcomes your business needs

Why clients comes to us for automation

  • Understand what automation is but unsure where to begin efforts
  • Need awareness of where automation is best served
  • Perceived implementation complexity and lack of internal skills
  • Automation is seen as a threat not as a digital enabler and augmenter
  • Need to gain ROI quickly to demonstrate value of RPA or automation initiatives


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